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Running on empty?

If you're a business professional who's exhausted and feeling run down, we've put together our top 10 natural ways to feed your adrenals and get your vitality back.

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What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic medicine is a non-pharmaceutical and systems based approach toward helping our patients achieve wellness. It is the goal of the naturopathic doctor to respect the body’s innate ability to heal but to also support these processes using high quality, well researched supplements. We also use highly specialized tests to help find the cause and give specific treatments toward your body’s needs.

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  • Are you not feeling like yourself and your doctor keeps saying that your labs are normal?

  • Are you still struggling with the same symptoms and nothing has helped?

  • Are you at the end of the line in regards to your health?

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  • Do you want what’s best for your kid regarding their health?

  • Are you trying to avoid pharmaceuticals for your child’s issues?

  • Do you wonder about food allergies?

Call today to learn how we use kid friendly natural medicine to treat the cause.

Specialized Testing

Has your doctor ever told you “your labs are all normal” when you know something isn’t right in your body? At Summit Vitality we use testing that is above standard of care to truly find and treat the cause of your complaints. From these results, we can then tailor a treatment plan that’s specific to your body’s needs. To learn more about the tests we run, please see the link below.

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We do our best to work with you in regards to what your insurance will cover. For example, if there are labs your primary care can do that are covered under your insurance, we encourage you to do this and then bring a copy of the results to us. Also, we will supply you with all the information you will need to submit a bill to your insurance company for out of network benefits and possible reimbursement.

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